You are so worth it!

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It seems that in today’s society we’re expected to give more of ourselves then we actually give to ourselves. We’re expected to do more for others and to do less for ourselves or ultimately sacrifice what we want for the betterment of others.

Let’s think about that for a second. Is this a way to truly find happiness? Does this pathway lead to feelings of fulfillment? Are you ultimately a better version of yourself from always giving to others?

Think long and hard about this. Is it truly better for you or is it the perception of being better to the outside world. It seems as though the people who are always giving more of themselves than they actually give to themselves are the ones most often unhappy.

Why are they unhappy? To me it’s the constant giving and never being able to sit back and do what you actually want to do or to put it differently. What makes you happy. There’s no time to stop and enjoy the moment, everything is scheduled months in advance to please others. But when you look at the schedule there’s nothing penciled in for you.

I think this leads to feelings of regret and the inability to understand why we are not happy as we get used to doing the same thing day after day. Just droning on. Maybe this even moves into societal ideals that if you focus on yourself you are ultimately selfish and the hardest thing to admit is that it’s absolutely okay to be selfish once in a while. Especially when it comes to your happiness and long term health.

Often this stems from our extremely busy lives. By the time you’ve dropped the kids off, headed to work, hit the store on the way home, picked the kids up and finished all your errands you have nothing left in you for the day and the only option is to promptly pass out. We live like this for a long time until we finally find the time or the need to take a class, do some yoga, relax with coffee.

Now I’m not saying go out and be completely selfish. There are definitely benefits to helping others and to think of others, but what I am saying is that you need to pencil in you time at least once a week.

Put something else to the side and take some time to enjoy you and what you truly want to do. Maybe that’s sipping some coffee enjoying a nice afternoon by yourself, maybe it’s getting a workout in or a meditation session, heck maybe it’s even going for a drive through some nice scenery listening to music or a podcast.

In realty it doesn’t matter what you do. What does matter is that you take the time to do it for you without feeling like you’re letting others down. Because ultimately you have to live with you and in order to live the best possible life you have to embrace you and enjoy what you like and even want to do every so often! Your wants are just as important as anyone else’s wants.

At StoneAgeFuel School of Fitness we focus on physical health and being fit for life, but if we don’t focus on our mental health and well being we will never be truly happy. True happiness takes a complete approach to both physical and mental health and a deep understanding of yourself and who you really are.

This all stems from being aware of what you want, what is happening around you and how you get to the point of doing what you need to do to be truly happy in a world filled with so many different things and so many different people.

Let’s start by defining what you like to do or what you would like to do. Got it? Great now go find a way to take a few minutes to do it. Pencil this into your schedule once a week and don’t miss it for 21 days no matter who asks you for something or who needs something or who wants you to do something. Now you’ve developed a habit and it will be much more ingrained in your everyday life.

Always remember YOU are so worth it!

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