You’re Never Too Young For Fitness

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Let’s face it, our world is being overrun with technology, junk food and long nights in front of the tv watching all the greatest reality shows or playing “real life” video games with little to no time to remember our own health and fitness! What if you could instill the importance of fitness at a young age?…
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The best start for a well rounded athlete or just for fun is a general physical fitness program. Kids as young as three years of age are ready to go! They run, jump, flip, spin and sometimes fall in everyday life – add some games and structure and you have a good start to a young athlete with body awareness and an idea that fitness and sports are fun! Starting in a general physical preparedness program can set up success for specializing in a certain sport at later ages. Kids should have the opportunity to try every sport until they find something they love!
stoneagefuel reno kidsBe a good role model to your little ones. “Monkey see, monkey do!”‘ Right? Kids love to be copy cats and of course they look up to their parents! Find yourself a fitness facility that is family friendly. Even better, find one that also includes a youth program! If your fitness program must be limited to your home, be sure to take walks, visit parks, learn some body weight conditioning movements, play games in the backyard. There is always something you can do! You can be a great role model in your home and out! It’s never too soon to learn how to eat healthy – make smart choices when shopping, limit the fast food trips and maybe even give a homegrown backyard garden a try!
stoneagefuel reno kidsSo, get out there – get your little ones moving, get moving together or find a sport to get them started in!

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