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CrossFit Stone Age Fuel’s mission is to build a Fit Community, while providing the highest quality, skill-based training for people who are truly committed to overall health and fitness.

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We believe in fostering a community where everyone enjoys getting fit and it becomes a place the kids beg to go to!

Because at CrossFit StoneAgeFuel we are interested in helping our Reno community get FIT for LIFE and working to create a stronger, healthier and as a result a happier community!

Our Client’s Reviews

  • I love StoneAgeFuel Crossfit! I have been a member for almost a year and am so happy with the excellent, personalized, knowledgeable coaching. The schedule makes it easy to catch a class no matter what else is going on in life. The facility is beautiful, well stocked with equipment, and clean. The members are so much fun! The membership ranges from beginners coming from a sedentary lifestyle to competitive athletes wanting to get an edge. The coaches make everyone feel like they are a great fit in the gym and can easily scale the workouts to any level. In Crossfit there are so many measurable parameters to help you gauge your progress as your fitness level and strength improves. And the variety is immense. I get bored doing the same thing in the gym every day. Crossfit has solved that for me. The workouts and moves and skills are different every day and there is a coach leading the group through the whole thing. Come try it! You'll be hooked!

    J. Jarrett
  • I have to say, this CrossFit gym is spot on. To say that I have progressed is an understatement. Because of correct technique, constant coaching, and mobility I am not hurt at all. After going to another CrossFit gym in town for over 3 years, where I was consistently hurting myself, and my PR's stagnated. Thank you Chandler and Stephanie for a first class gym!!

    D. Reinitz
  • I am very thankful that my other gym wasn't a good fit for me. Thank you to Chandler and Steph I am actually learning proper lifting techniques. It's been the best Crossfit gym I've been to so far. Keep up the great work!!!

    C. Koch
You are a good fit if

You are ready to get fit and stay fit for good this time

You are the average joe who might be intimidated by the regular gym

You are tired of trying everything you can think of and still not seeing results

Anyone who needs and wants a ton of individual help like nutrition and accountability

Those committed and ready to make a change

Lighthearted and fun people, because we’re all a little goofy over here

CrossFit Stone Age Fuel

5301 Longley Ln, Unit 81, Bldg C
Reno, Nevada

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