6 Ways You’re Holding Yourself Back at the Gym

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So youre committed to the gym. Awesome.

But are you truly getting everything out of your sessions so youre maximizing your performance and health gains?

If any of the following sounds like you, then you might have some work to do:

6. Percentage Confusion

Todays strength session involves 5 sets of 5 reps at 80% of your 3RM.

You stare at the board for a second, pretend like youre calculating something, but really youre not sure what to do. You think you can remember your 1RM back squat, but then again that number might be your front squat max.

You get partway through the sessions and realize your guess must have been way off because these back squats are feeling pretty light.

5 #Besties

You started at the gym with a friend, and two years later youre attached to the hip gym buddies.

You only like going if shes going to the same class (I hate to say it, but I really only see this with women), you share a rack every day, you do the same gymnastics progressions even though one of you is ready to graduate to the next level, and you pair up every time theres a partner workout. You even share PRs!

Whats our PR, Jane?

135 lb. We did that last week, remember?

Dont be afraid to lift more than your bestie, ladies! Theres no such thing as our PR.

4. What Rest Day?

Its a clean and jerk 1RM test day. You havent taken a day off in 2 weeks and are super pissed off when the best lift you can muster is 20 lb. below your all-time PR.

3. Chronically Tardy

You often stroll in two minutes after the hour and then hit the bathroom for another five minutes.

Meh, its just the warm-up Im missing. Ill be here for the good stuff,you think.

2. Gym over Kitchen

You work your balls off at the gym, but youre still struggling in the kitchen. Meal prep is daunting, so you find yourself eating out every day and warming up processed foods on a daily basis.

1. #GymGoals

What are your performance goals for 2018?asks the coach.

You shrug and say, I dont know. I dont really have any.

Goals keep you on track, not just to show up, but on track to constant improvement, which is whats going to keep you here for the long haul.

If you dont know what realistic goals are for you, book a session with your coach to get you moving in the right direction in 2018.

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