Beyond the physical: How being more fit will make you a better person

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We all know the health benefits of working out and being fit…

Being fit lessons our chances of developing Type 2 diabetes and obesity, and reduces our risk of having high blood pressure and heart disease. And cancer: We fight cancer more effectively when we’re healthier. And and and…

I would argue, however, that—from what I see from our clients—these significant physical health benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. The emotional benefits are even more immeasurable…

Such as:


You know when you see little kids strutting around with all the self-confidence in the world? They have snot running from their nose and messy hair, but they’re 100 percent comfortable in their own skin?

Now we’re not saying we’re trying to turn you into runny-nosed children, but what we are saying is that when you’re fitter and healthier, and are on a journey where you’re feeling yourself improve every day, your self-confidence will skyrocket back to your childhood days.

Not just emotionally, but also your physical self-confidence. All of a sudden you will have the confidence to pick up that couch or go on that 8-hour overnight hike or week-long canoe trip—all the things you would have done at the age of 16 without blinking an eye, but have become fearful because you’re not sure you can keep up anymore.


A true fitness journey requires serious patience. Yes, you’ll see gains off the top, but eventually you’ll plateau, which will test your patience, especially when it comes to the finer details like mobility and reprogramming correct movement patterns.

If you stay on the journey, you’ll realize how true the saying patience is a virtue really is. And there’s no better way to learn this concept—and to embrace this concept in life—than to have it reiterated to you through a long-term fitness journey.


Along with patience, being on the long-term path to greater fitness will turn you into a resilient human being.

There will be times you will be frustrated and times you want to give up, but the more into it you get, the more fight you will learn you have, and ultimately the more resilient you will become. That. is. a. promise.

Happy pill:

Those good old endorphins!

Never have I ever seen someone leave the gym more miserable than they entered. And if you stick with it, it will become more and more of a subconscious habit that you don’t even have to think about—a habit that helps you leave a bit happier than you arrived.

As they say, exercise is the best natural drug on the planet…


There’s no better way to help you discover your courage than fitness.

The definition of courage:

  • The ability to do something that frightens you
  • Strength in the face of pain or grief

If you’re truly committed to your fitness, you will probably do things you’re scared of at one point in time, or at the very least hesitant or uncertain of, and you will most definitely have to learn to find strength in pain. As a result, you will become more courageous…

All of this courage will then translate to real life—to a life that gives you so much more because of the courage you’re willing to give it.

So, if you’re interested in being happy and confident like a child, with all the patience and resilience in the world, as you live a more courageous life, contact us now.

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