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Ten years ago, people walked into a CrossFit gym and had no idea what they were about to experience: No pre-conceived ideas, no expectations at all, really.

Ten years later, CrossFit has developed a reputation, and not always a good one. Today, everyone knows what CrossFit is (or almost everyone, at least), and many are scared to try it.

They’re scared of showing up and feeling intimidated and inadequate and then getting thrown into a group class. They’re scared the alleged intensity will injure them, scared they won’t be able to keep up, scared they’re too unfit, too overweight, too old, too whatever to get through the workout.

The truth at many CrossFit gyms, you DO get thrown right into classes without proper assessment or one-on-one care, without individual coaching to diagnose your shortcomings and limitations.

Without proper guidance, many people end up doing movements outside of their abilities, or the intensity crushes them and they end up burnt out or injured.

This is not the case with us. We do use many of CrossFit’s proven concepts—functional movements, including a combination of powerlifting, weightlifting basic gymnastics, running and rowing etc

But our method of delivering the product is far different than the traditional group class model you see at, dare I say, at most CrossFit gyms.

In short, we are a coaching service first and foremost. If that sounds appealing to you, read on:

Three major differences of being a coaching service, as opposed to a group exercise facility, include:



The vast majority of CrossFit gyms run their fundamentals (aka beginners) programs in a group environment.

Some allow you to bring friends with zero experience, and others throw new people directly into the intimidating fire of group classes.

We do not.

Our fundamentals program includes 12-20 one-on-one personal training sessions with the same coach. This coach will diagnose your weaknesses, check out your movement patterns, talk to you about your injury history, and will cater your training sessions to your needs and goals.

When you’re physically and mentally ready, and only then, will you be cleared to start attending group classes, though some people choose not to ever choose the group class route, and to continue with personal training only.

Personal Coach:

Most CrossFit gyms do not assign each person an individual coach. More often than not, you show up to class and get coached by whoever happens to be coaching that day.

More often than not, no one coach knows your entire health and fitness history, let alone your goals.

With us, you will have a personal coach in your corner for life.

Why is this useful?

Well, let’s say you get injured. At most CrossFit gyms you might show up to class and ask the coach of the hour for a substitute for some movement you can’t do. With us, you’ll be able to work with your coach and come up with a greater plan to help you navigate your way through your injury.

Essentially, this consistency in coaching means you’ll be able to continue to move forward with your fitness, even when you’re injured, for example.

You can turn to your personal coach any time for training advice, nutritional advice, even life advice if you choose. You will still receive coaching from other coaches if you attend their classes, but you will always have your personal coach to help you through whatever challenges come your way throughout your time with us.

Hybrid Membership:

At most CrossFit gyms, once you finish you group fundamentals or OnRamp, or whatever they call it at any given gym, you’re left to your own devices doing to group classes.

While you probably will receive some coaching from the coach of the hour, your time at the gym most likely begins and ends with group workouts.

With us, you will continue private sessions with your coach, on top of weekly group classes, once a week, once a month, once a quarter—whatever you decide is best for you.

This will provide you with the guidance required to keep you accountable, motivated and on track with your fitness and dietary needs.

Sound like we might be able to help you? If so, contact us now.

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