An app won’t get you healthy and fit: Working with a coach for life will!

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For yearseven decadesthe fitness industry has been tarnished by (in the old days) late-night infomercials for devices like the ab flex or the ab roller

Always promising something like perfect abs in just 10 minutes a day.

Todays version of this are the dozens and dozens of fitness apps:

Theres Couch to 5 km,that promises to take you from being a couch potato to running 5 km for $3.20 a month.

Or the 7-minute workoutapp, which promises just that: Get fit in just 7 minutes a day. Or Jefit,which boasts a database of 1,300 exercises that include animations on how to do them.

And then there are apps like the Instant Blood Pressure app that claims to take your blood pressure reading without a cuff. Read why doctors are worried about that app here.

The reasons the ab roller, the shake weight, and the plethora of scam fitness apps exist is because many people are lazy, frugal and looking for a quick fix to their obesity or out-of-shape-ness

Or worse still, the host of health problems that keep getting worse with age.

Heres the hard truth: Getting fit is hard, and the latest fitness app of the day isnt going to get you fit.

Hiring a coach for lifea real human being to work with you on what you really need to live a better, healthier lifeis whats going to make all the difference.

Its time to stop thinking of fitness as something that can be handed to you for freelike the $5 you got for allowance each week when you were a kid.

Fitness is something, that like all worthwhile things in life must be earned: THE HARD WAY.

Working with one of our professional coaches means:

  1. Committing 2, 3 or 4 (some crazy people commit 5 or 6) days a week to a progressive training plan that caters to your strengths and weaknesses, and changes over time as your body adapts, grows and ages. You will work with your coach in a one-on-one environment, and you will also have the opportunity to attend group classes.
  2. Working with your coach to change your diet to one that promotes whatever your goals are—be it purely performance goals like strength gains, or body composition goals like weight loss.
  3. (This one is the hardest one for many people to wrap their heads around and accept, especially those who have been searching for a quick fix via a late night infomercial or a fitness app their whole lives:

Being prepared to continue a lifelong pursuit of improving and/or maintaining your health and fitness!

True health and fitness doesnt have a beginning or an end: Its a lifelong process, a journey of never-ending hard work.

It might sound daunting now, but we promise its a journey thats worth it because it means living a more fulfilling and happy life.

But yes, its ENDLESS. Then again, so is brushing your teeth and getting sleep every night, but we have come to accept those things.

Like the saying goes, If you dont use it, youll lose it.So start using it now by hiring a coach for life!

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