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This is for the person who thinks if they lose X amount of pounds they will suddenly like themselves. If you have ever heard yourself say aloud “I just want to lose 5 pounds then I’ll be happy” or “I just want my stomach to be smaller then I’ll be happy” you are definitely not alone. I think we all do this, it’s this strong connection between our bodies and our happiness. Before I get into this, let me explain, striving for a healthy life or wanting to lose weight is a good way to make yourself happier. The important part to realize is, the reason you become happier is the PROCESS.

The accomplished feeling you get when you finish a workout, or the actual health benefits of your new diet is building your confidence, and actually releasing the “feel good” hormone. The way you look is kind of the bonus of all your hard work. The reason a lot of people adopt bad habits is when they become obsessed with this idea that being smaller, bigger, or whatever physique goal you have is the absolute only way you will gain happiness, confidence, and every single dream you have ever had, because not every single weight loss method is healthy or a positive impact on your life as a whole.

This connection between happiness and the way you look is a HUGE contradiction, and sometimes it isn’t always people’s fault, this is something that gets marketed to people. The fitness industry uses this as a tool to loop people in and buy products because they are convinced that if I was thin, my life would be better. The reason that these two things contradict each other is, you need one, to have the other. You must like yourself enough to dedicate yourself to your new goals. If you dislike yourself and your body makes you so unhappy, you have already set yourself up for failure. This negative talk literally defeats you, you chose to be unhappy every day until you lose X pounds.

The solution? Remove the hate talk. Stop adding a big IF at the end of statements about your happiness, instead say “I AM happy I would just like to lose X amount of pounds”. Start DOING what you know will make you happy because you DO like yourself.

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