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The Push or Power Jerk is a movement that can be utilized as a training tool to help develop the split jerk or it can be utilized as an alternative to the split jerk. We use this movement to correct running or missing forward in the split jerk. To perform the movement do the following:

-Place the bar in your front rack position with your elbows positioned down and out. Your elbows should be just in front of your shoulders and your feet should be in your jumping position.

-With the weight on your heels (it’s really mid-foot, but we emphasize heels) initiate a dip and a drive while driving your chest up and as you drive up staying on your whole foot until you’re fully extended

-As you reach full extension start driving the bar up and then driving yourself under the bar. You should land in your squat position

-When you catch the barbell immediately push up and begin to “spread” the bar apart

-Stand up and you’ve completed the push jerk

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