8 Reasons CrossFit At StoneAgeFuel Is Not Scary At All!

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CrossFit always looks daunting from the outside. People doing movements that you probably have not seen before, many different body types and they look like they’re working pretty hard! Here’s a few reasons you don’t have to worry about anything when beginning CrossFit. Especially at a world class facility like StoneAgeFuel! 

  1. We meet with everyone 1-on-1 before they begin training. This ensures we know a bit about you and your goals, you understand our methods and philosophies and we’ve done a movement assessment to see what kind of fitness level you’re currently at. No one just gets thrown into group classes. 
  2. We have a fundamentals program that’s designed to take you from a beginner level of fitness to a level that is appropriate for group classes. You’ll decide how many fundamentals sessions you need after your initial meeting with your coach. 
  3. We have a coach for life philosophy meaning that you have a coach that is responsible for ensuring you have a successful fundamentals program and a great transition to group classes. This coach will introduce you to the group and help you start making friends in the gym! They will also be there for any questions you have and to be a guiding hand in your fitness journey. 
  4. Our group classes are designed and programmed into levels of 1, 2 or 3 or beginner, intermediate and advanced. This ensures you have an option no matter what level you’re at after fundamentals. 
  5. A coach is there to explain anything you may not understand or remember from fundamentals. If you’re having trouble with the terminology or remembering what a movement is or how it’s performanced the coach is there to show you how and talk you through it. 
  6. When you’re working out the coach is watching your movements and how your performing and making the necessary changes should your form ever break down. 
  7. Everyone is super nice! When you walk into the gym it is an extremely welcoming environment where everyone talks, laughs and encourages each other. There is absolutely no judgement and everyone works together toward the common goal of bettering themselves. Plus we’re super kid friendly!
  8. The community is absolutely amazing. People from all different walks of life joining together for the common purpose of getting fit and joining a community that encourages and helps you push towards that goal. 

CrossFit is not scary at all and it’s especially welcoming at StoneAgeFuel! You’ll find an incredible introduction to all the movements with fundamentals and then an easy transition to group classes with an unbeatable group that never judges and always encourages no matter where you’re at in your fitness!

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