The Patience Call Out: Why You Are The Real Reason You Aren’t Where You Want To Be

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The Patience Call Out:

Why You Are The Real Reason You Aren’t Where You Want To Be


We’ve posted and talked a lot lately about patience, weathering the storm, etc. We’ve nicely told you to reflect on the progress you have made and to feel good that you are taking steps forward, even if you aren’t where you want to be quite yet. If you have been working hard, you should be proud, but for those of you who only sit back and wish you had what you wanted and complain that it’s not falling in your lap, this may be eye opening, and unfortunately, will not be very nice.

“I’ve tried everything.” That is not the truth. The truth is more likely, “I’ve tried everything that would be easy and convenient,” or, “I quit everything as soon as it became hard.” Cleaning up your nutrition for 2 weeks and expecting to lose 10lbs in January for the new year is not reality. Going to a big name gym with a cheap membership and 50% off deals on overpriced training 2 weeks before “beach season” hoping for a flat stomach is not reality. The reality is, you’ve had years to constantly abuse your body with bad food, lack of or unsupervised activity, not caring about your sleep (or caring too much) and the only thing you have done about it is try cheap fads for a couple weeks and cry about it when it didn’t work.

How long did it take you to get where you are? To get to this place that you hate and don’t want to be? Really think about it now. Yeah, it’s been years. Don’t think that it can all be undone in a month. Don’t think it will be cheap and easy to fix. “But Coach, my pain meds for my back and knees aren’t cheap! I pay a lot for online coaching or nutrition templates! My visits to the doctor/clinic cost a lot!

Sure they do, I believe you. Then why is paying for a truly good coach and program too expensive? Because you know it comes with hard work and you want a quick fix. Losing 20lbs in a year is HARD WORK! Gaining 10lbs of muscle in the same amount of time is just as hard! Especially if you want to do it the right way and keep yourself from reverting back to where you were. The Fitness Industry and Media would have you believe it’s easy. “Take this pill that targets fat cells!” There is 0, let me spell that out, ZERO, science to support any oral supplement burning fat with no change to activity or eating habits. “Wrap yourself in plastic and it will burn fat!” All you are doing is sweating. Literally just dehydrating yourself there kid. Drink a glass of water and the scale with be just as unforgiving as before. “Buy this 3 in 1 treadmill, climber, elliptical that burns 3 times as many calories as each crappy machine would individually, buy it now and we’ll throw in this ab sculpting contortion trap for free!” You will only burn more calories by working harder/smarter, not by walking the same pace you do on the treadmill you haven’t used since you bought it five years ago, now that it includes a built in stepper. That’s not how ANY of this works. But you continue to listen and buy in anyways.

Now, let’s talk about what you really need. Cancel your cable, everyone uses Netflix or Hulu these days anyways. It’s extra money and a lot of time you are giving away that isn’t making you any better. Cancel your cheap gym membership. Yes, I know, it has a one month cancellation fee because you signed a 1 year contract when you signed up for “no money down” as a new years resolutioner in January. Better only one more month of cost than the rest of the year, for you not to even go. STOP SAYING YOU DON’T HAVE THE TIME, THAT YOU DON’T HAVE THE MONEY, THAT IT’S HARDER FOR YOU THAN EVERYONE ELSE, THAT YOU’RE TOO EMBARRASSED TO ASK FOR HELP, THAT IT’S TOO HARD, AND THAT YOU’VE TRIED EVERYTHING!. Nope. We’re not buying any of that crap.

The first step is admitting you have a problem. No, not that you are overweight or in constant pain, but that you don’t want to work hard to fix it. Bet that punch to your pride hurt a little. Reality sucks sometimes, but it doesn’t have to always and forever. That comes with a decision though, what are you willing to do to fix it? Setting up an automatic payment for pain medications for your hips, so you don’t have to see the money leaving your bank account and calling your skinny friend to ask her advice because obviously she will know what she is talking about and how to make you more like her? If that is the answer or something similar, stop reading now. It would be a waste of your time and mine for you to continue reading, because if you do continue reading and decide to call us to help you, this is what will happen.

You’ll come in for our free consultation, because it is free, and you’ll expect a fun easy workout that makes you sweat. Then you’ll expect 6 free weeks of membership or 3 free training sessions where coaches hold your hand and coddle your insecurities, telling you you’ll be ok and you’ll see amazing results in 30 days. Not here. When you sit down 1 on 1 with one of our coaches and we find those true insecurities, and tell you what it will really take to get you healthy and where you want to be, that my coaches are educated and outstandingly dedicated to being there every step to help and push you and therefore there time is not free, you will leave. Actually, you will say you can’t afford it or that you’ll think about it and you’ll call us back when it will work out for you, having wasted your time and our time. Just don’t.

What are you willing to do to fix it? If the answer is, WHAT IT TAKES, then here is what I suggest you do. Make some phone calls. Call someone you know who is in a similar situation and get them on board with starting this journey with you. It’s always easier with a friend, but big groups get hard. Research different gyms AND THEIR TRAINERS, INDIVIDUALLY! Yes, you’re going to want and need a coach for this to do it right, but that requires the right coach. Call some of the local physical therapists and physicians and ask if they know who the best trainers in town are. Good trainers have a network of other health care practitioners that they work with. Then, go speak to them and understand that in most cases you get what you pay for. Good trainers know what they are worth and base what they charge off of what people in the area can afford. They will tell you about their assessment and how that determines where you will need to go from there. If they do not offer and assessment, they are not worth your money or time. Simple as that. They don’t know you yet, so if they tell you they know exactly what you need from just speaking to you and how much it will cost, they are just trying to take your money.

Now you have to commit to something. Don’t sit there and make excuses about how each one has something that doesn’t work for you. Whoever you clicked with the most and offered an assessment and time schedule that fits your needs, that’s where you will want to go.

That was the easy part. Now comes an assessment, being told how much time it will REALLY TAKE, and HOW MUCH IT WILL COST. Tell yourself you are going to make it happen.

You’ll endure 3 months of fine tuning your nutrition, having the days where you don’t want to go, accepting responsibility for doing things that slow your progress by not listening to your coach 100% of the time (you are a human being, it’s ok), and the commitment to at least a year of consistently hard work to the day you wake up and realize that you’re finally on the right path. You’ve taken huge strides in the right direction and through the ups and downs you have become overwhelmingly closer to who you want to be and feeling the way you want to. You have a great relationship with a coach who truly cares about you. You have a community of like minded people who help hold you accountable and you look forward to seeing. You no longer pay for pain medication or buy stupid crap that doesn’t work off of infomercials because your trainer has educated you enough to know better. You’re finally free of your insecurities, your chronic pain, your unhealthy relationship with food, and the chokehold that your health has put on your life. So ask yourself, what are you willing to do to fix it?

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