Why Family Based Fitness is Important to us!

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10353626_583579068423414_4114265829025193605_n(1)For a lot of parents it tough to find a fitness program to stick with, in large part to not having the ability to take your kids with you to them gym or it being too big of a hassle chasing the kids down everywhere as they run around like crazy people. At StoneAgeFuel “School of Fitness” we believe that involving kids from a young age will do a few things for the parents. First it allows the parents to workout worry free and stress free and second it gives children the opportunity to grow up in a fitness based environment and eventually finding out that fitness can be a fun and rewarding experience at a young age. This is especially important in todays society and at StoneAgeFuel your family becomes part of the StoneAgeFuel family!

At StoneAgeFuel “School of Fitness” we have kids in the gym all the time. Some are involved in our youth fitness programs while others just hang out in the gym while their parents workout and all of them never ever want to leave the gym when its time to go! All of our members love the relaxed, fun and results driven environment we have created at StoneAgeFuel. Come see us in Reno to truly see the StoneAgeFuel difference!

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