Why StoneAgeFuel Fitness is more Tempting than a Cinnabon…

 In StoneAgeFuel

imageLet’s face it everyone enjoys the gooey deliciousness of a Cinnabon. Down to the last bite, it’s pure heaven in your mouth and a heavenly experience until the horrifying moment you realize it’s all gone!

StoneAgeFuel Fitness is similar to this in that our members cannot wait to do the workout of the day and cannot hold back the excitement to see what the workout of the day actually is. When they get to the gym the kids are ready to play and have a great time as well. They frolic through the gym tossing their backpacks aside and with huge smiles ask if they can please play on the rings!

While this is going on the adults are gearing up for a fun and exciting workout that they will perform with their friends and family. Some of them get butterfly’s in their stomaches before the workout begins, but everyone is there to enjoy the endless fun offered at StoneAgeFuel Fitness. After the workout they seem to be in a perpetual state of “wow that was a great workout” mode. Everyone then hangs out and laughs and plays for a bit longer before finally somehow dragging the kids out of the gym who never really want to leave (we think StoneAgeFuel Fitness is similar to Disney land).

Basically in a nut shell StoneAgeFuel Fitness is a wonderful family environment where everyone gets a great workout in, the kids love it and no one ever wants to leave! Similar to a Cinnabon in that you want to enjoy it forever and can’t ever seem to be ready for the deliciousness to end!

And StoneAgeFuel Fitness will never go directly to your hips!

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