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Have you ever wondered who your kids look up to? Who they want to emulate when they grow up? Well that is an easy question, because the role model is you!

Everything you do they watch, ask questions about and then try to replicate. The question is, are you showing them good habits in health and fitness? Does dinner consist of a different fast food item or fried food each night and is being active considered sitting in front of the TV?

A role model for fitness walks the walk and shows their children that it’s something they do as well and not just a forced activity on the kids. So how do we get started on the path to being a great fitness role model? Just get the kids in the habit of doing something active most days of the week. It can be anything from riding a bike, going for a walk, throwing a football or exercising together! We have many different parents who workout alongside their kids and show them that it’s a part of their lifestyle!

So get out there and plan some activities for you and the entire family! Plan a family based workout or outdoor activity three times a week and make sure everyone has fun doing it. Everyone is too busy until they look back and wish they had done more with the ones they love. Don’t be the busy body be the one who makes time for the ones they love!

Now that your thinking about it grab a piece of paper and write down 10 things you’d love to do with your family. Break it down into a few local things that are easy to do and you can do weekly (like coming and seeing us at StoneAgeFuel), a few moderately local things that take a bit of effort to do and finally a couple of things that you would have to plan long term to do. Like hiking in a national park!
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