The Coach For Life!

 In General, StoneAgeFuel

Everyone needs someone there to hold them accountable, encourage them, help them grow and pick them up when they’ve fallen down. In the fitness world people don’t have this kind of support and thats why so many people fail. When they get knocked down there’s no one there to talk to, to help get back up and there’s no one to smile and say that it’s going to be alright. There’s especially no one there to say lets make a plan of action to make this better. 

This is where your coach for life comes in. This coach is there to lead each person who walks into our gym through an incredibly personalized 1-on-1 fundamentals program. Your coach for life will build a fundamentals experience that caters to your specific needs and experience level. Including building our StoneAgeFuel Fluff to Tuff healthy eating challenge to your specific needs. That’s why no two fundamentals experiences are exactly the same. Your coach for life will be there when you eventually go into group classes to introduce you to everyone and maybe even do the workout with you to ensure you feel comfortable and confident!

Your coach for life will also reach out to meet with you one on one as often as you both decide you need it when you’re in group classes, because the personalized experience of fundamentals should never end and you should always have someone there to discuss your goals with and to ensure you’re on the right track. Maybe there’s a specific skill you want to work on, discuss your diet and how it’s going or take pictures or measurements. 

Finally your coach for life is there to be your friend and to help you succeed in your goals. It may be a quick text giving you some encouragement, a high five in the gym or a post on social media shouting out how awesome you are. This is truly a person you can trust and someone who will always be there for you. This is your coach for life! 

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