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The Snatch is one of the two lifts that is performed in Olympic Weightlifting. We believe in teaching the snatch by focusing on mechanics and consistency before we add any load.

To successfully perform the snatch we feel it is incredibly important to find a coach who can watch you move and actively cue you and give you a plan to correct any weaknesses or problems.

To perform the Snatch:

1) Start with the barbell over the ball of your foot and be sure that the barbell is not touching your shins. If it is touching it can create problems when you go overhead.
2) Reach down and grab the barbell with a hook grip (place your thumb down and two fingers on top wrapped around the barbell)
3) Bring your hips just above parallel for a good starting position. More advanced athletes or those with an active start can play with different positions.
4) Ensure your weight distributed over the entire foot (not on the heels and not on the toes).
5) Before lifting be sure to drive your chest up and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Keep your arms relaxed and point your knuckles towards the floor.
6) As you begin lifting actively drive the chest up while pushing the knees back. As you reach the knee your shins should be vertical.
7) As you pass the knee continue to push the knees back.
8) As you reach mid thigh start initiating an upward drive by jumping. It’s important to keep the whole foot on the floor and not roll onto the toes or go back on the heels.
9) Keep you whole foot on the floor until the final point where you reach extension.
10) When you’ve reached the final point in your extension start pulling the bar up and then pull yourself under the bar.
11) When you’ve pulled under the bar and are in the squat actively push up and try to spread the bar (think pulling the bar apart)
12) Always keep your chest up and look straight up as you stand up.

We can’t emphasize how important it is to have a coach for this lift! If you need a coach contact us as we work with many different people in Olympic weightlifting both at our gym and remotely. Email us for more info:

[email protected]

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