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The following is a post by Dale, one of our apprentice coaches at StoneAgeFuel. 

​Once I stopped playing and coaching baseball and track in high school, I thought I would never be around competitive athletes again. I was troubled with thoughts of doing a daily regular gym routine with little variation and never REALLY trying anything new.

​Today, while shadowing Chandler at CrossFit StoneAgeFuel, I thought about how many of the people that are a part of the StoneAgeFuel Family that own weight belts, wrist wraps, and other things known to be “competitive athlete fitness gear.” This reminded me of how far I’ve come and how much I am capable of after discovering CrossFit.

​What normal, every day people, after leaving high school and college to start their careers would ever think they were capable of doing the same things as competitive, professional athletes? Not me, that’s for sure, but here I am now, almost every day, strapped up fighting to better myself. CrossFit offers this opportunity to anyone at any point in their life. You will learn gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, and a world of other skills most people would never consider themselves capable of doing, all in a safe environment (at least at StoneAgeFuel).

​Because of my journey through CrossFit, I find myself again around a group of people pushing themselves everyday to get closer to something they want, as well as doing things they may have only thought professional athletes were capable of doing. At one point in my life, I thought only professional weightlifters owned weight belts, and here I see nurses, police officers, children and “seemingly” normal people with the same gear, doing the same movements, with proficiency, as competitive athletes.  

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