You Can’t Out Exercise A Bad Diet!

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It’s that time of year when everyone is running to the gym to start achieving those New Years resolutions (which we think is a great thing). One glaring issue we always see is the lack of attention to the diet. If you think you can out exercise a bad diet. Think again!

When we exercise we expend energy. Due to the increased amount of energy we expend we have to eat more food in order to fuel our bodies and not starve. This can be a big problem if a proper diet has not been established. Why? When you start eating more due to exercise you start eating more and if you’re eating junk then you will just consume more junk to fuel your newfound hunger. Doesn’t this sound like a circular problem? We exercise to be healthy, but eat poorly due to whatever circumstances we place the blame on and fuel ourselves with junk that works to keep us unhealthy. So in essence we are working to be healthy so we can continue to be unhealthy!

Sounds like a problem doesn’t it? Now if you want to change this perpetual cycle of being unhealthy you need to make the commitment to both your fitness and your diet. Throw all those excuses out the window and make time to make it work. If you make this a priority now you will reap the rewards in terms of looking, feeling and living better! It’s incredibly important to make this change a lifestyle change and not a short term challenge or cleanse of which neither work and both lead to burnout and failure. To be successful we have to be realistic in that sometimes are are going to go out and have a little fun, eat a little poorly and enjoy life a bit! Plan these events once a week so you have something to look forward to. We always look forward to pizza and champagne Friday’s!

Now get out there and drop the excuses, make that change and commitment to eating healthy and making it a lifestyle, avoid garbage diets and cleanses. Do this and you’ll be on the right pathway to a healthy and happy lifestyle!

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