Youth Weightlifting Getting Started Guide and online programming! 

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We have two big announcements for the near future!

1. Our youth weightlifting getting started guide will be released very soon! This is a basic and organized system for creating a successful youth weightlifting program. You’ll see:

  • Levels
  • Equipment considerations
  • Age groups
  • Club training
  • Basic programming for levels
  • How to put it all together

This will be a precursor to our upcoming book that will delve into much more detail on training youth in Olympic style weightlifting. Look for the book in late 2016!

2. Our youth and adult weightlifting programs will be available in Train Heroic starting March 1st!

Get the programming from the team that produced the 13 and under national champion girls team and continues to produce record breaking young athletes in the sport of weightlifting. It is also an excellent program to develop young athletes for any sport.

Out adult Olympic style weightlifting program will also be available. Following the program that produces national level senior and masters level athletes and continues to build the skill sets CrossFitters need to excell in the competitive environment.

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