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The wrists can become painful if not properly taken care of. This can be especially true if you sit at a desk and type all day as its all too common to develop carpal tunnel symptoms. It can also develop into a problem with many of the different movements involved with CrossFit and Weightlifting or any kind of exercise for that matter.

To keep the wrists healthy follow these great stretches to ensure nothing ever feels painful!

For the first position you will need to go on your knees and turn your hands so that your fingers are facing you. Push your palms all the way to the floor of possible and lean back slightly.

For the second position turn your hands so your fingers are facing forward. Now lean forward slightly.

For the final position place the top of your hands on the floor and turn your fingers so they are facing your body. Now lean slightly back.

Hold each of these positions for 30 sec to 1min for 3 rounds.

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