3 Tips for Eating Paleo on the go!

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paleo-pyramidWhen we first learn about Paleo and the magic it brings we learn that it can be easy if you have the time and commitment to prepare everything at home, but what happens when you are a flashy businessman who travels the globe and drinks martinis shaken not stirred? Or if you are a paleo businessman who drinks only the finest of NorCal Margaritas?

This is where it is important to make the best choice available with what you have. Obviously you cannot bring seven steamer bags of broccoli on a plane with you or the other passengers will call you a smelly traveler (thats a different kind of paleo). Read on for 3 tips and strategies on how to confront the dreaded “Is this paleo?” traveling question!

1) Always go for the best choice with what you have available. This may mean taking the bun off of a sandwich or a burger, getting a salad with balsamic dressing instead of ranch and opting out of the delicious crouton option. You can even order a wrap and only eat the inside!

2) Swap your sides out for vegetables. Most airports and fast food places have options for veggie like items. One simple option is to forego the fries and just ask for a side salad with a vinaigrette or clear dressing.

3) When snacking there are plenty of acceptable options including, but not limited to: beef jerky, nuts and fruit. Almost everywhere you travel with have some sort of convenience store with access to all of these options. It’s okay that the jerky and fruit might have a little bit of sugar and that nuts are generally not recommended. You are making the best choice for the situation and its a much better choice than powdered doughnuts and potato chips!

When in the paleo grey zone just remember to use the best choice available. You can always find a hunk of meat, nuts, some fruit, or a salad with a clear dressing. Take buns off of burgers or breakfast sandwiches, substitute fries for side salads, stock up on jerky and nuts and you’ll be good to go!

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