So you wanna try CrossFit?

 In StoneAgeFuel
Starting CrossFit can be an experience that looks scary from the outside,
Especially if you have never participated in a class before.
This scary outlook is something that comes from all the videos, pictures
And events you may have come across in researching CrossFit.
You usually see very fit people doing impossible looking tasks with incredible efficiency
And sporting the bodies of Greek gods in the process.
This brings a couple of thoughts to mind:
Wow, I could never do that, that’s just too much for me etc.
The biggest problem with this outward experience is…

Those people are often scared away from what could be one of the best decisions they ever make.

For their health and fitness.
When you get away from the scary outward appearance
And walk into an affiliate your mind will be immediately changed!
This is because the inside of a CrossFit affiliate is not simply a gym…

It’s a small community of people,

Who want nothing more than to spend every waking second inside the affiliate.
We often joke that we need our own area code at StoneAgeFuel because we are our members 2nd or 3rd home.
Everyone walks into a CrossFit affiliate afraid of what’s about to happen to them.

The first workout fear will maintain a firm grasp on you,

Until after you walk into the gym (or box as its called in the CrossFit community). After you walk in you are often greeted by a coach or trainer at the affiliate.
They know you are nervous and will do everything they can to answer questions,
Give you a tour of the gym or offer some friendly advice to help you get started and see if the program is a good fit for you.

There will always be a VERY gentle beginners program,

That is offered to help ease you into your CrossFit training. This is usually packed with brand new people like you!
What a great way to get fit, have fun and meet some really awesome people!
At StoneAgeFuel we do a Free introductory training session,
For everyone who wants to join.
This gives the prospective member,
A chance to have some 1-on-1 time with a coach,
Ask any questions, do a sample workout and get a feel for the gym and what it offers.
This session is 1-on-1 because it helps to remove the stress…
And often the feeling of embarrassment that you are not “good enough” yet to do CrossFit.
Remember this is far from the truth and any affiliate will be happy to have you.

CrossFit affiliates are ALWAYS judgment-free zones!

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