Natural Grocers New to Reno!

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Natural Grocers is a new grocery store in Reno that we had the pleasure of attending a preview event for and we are definitely impressed by their commitment to quality products at extremely competitive prices! Why do we think they are better?

  • They provide nutrition education to the public with a Nutrition Health Coach in every store. This coaches job is to help you determine which foods will provide the most benefit for your goals and based on your needs.
  • They have a commitment to stocking no artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.
  • All produce is USDA organic
  • Meats are naturally raised without the use of growth promoters, hormones, antibiotics and animal by-products. The animal products they sell must have come from a free range environment and all beef is 100% grass fed.
  • We found prices to be extremely competitive when compared to most other national chain grocery stores and they maintain a low price commitment to help make healthy foods available to everyone.

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Overall they provide an excellent resource to be able to feed not only yourself, but your entire family in a healthy and affordable way! Definitely check them out at:

4819 Kietzke Lane
Reno, NV 89502-6549
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