4 Ways StoneAgeFuel Fitness Can Make You A Better Endurance Athlete

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StoneAgeFuel Fitness at the Crazy Run!There are about a million ways training with us can make you a better endurance athlete, but in order to narrow it down we’ve included a few of the most important:

1) Strength training will help you cover long distances without getting injured. It’s important to note that the risk of injury in endurance related activities decreases with strength training and strength related workout like back squats can be a wonderful addition to your workout.

2) Our workouts are performed at a high intensity (mechanic and consistency of movement are always our number one priority) and with this we train the three anaerobic systems simultaneously. Studies show that anaerobic training produces results similar to high volume endurance training, but with much lower training volume.

3) You’ll run, swim or bike faster! Due to being able to produce more force when you leave the ground and you’ll increase the proportion of type IIA muscle fibers that are responsible for speed and power.

4) Your core will be much stronger after training with us as much of our training focuses on core strength and conditioning. By strengthening your core you can expect to experience less back and hip pain and those nagging stabilizer injuries will start to go away. We also work the hamstrings in many of our movements, which tend to be a very problematic area in many endurance athletes.

So there you have it. Four ways our gym can help you become a better endurance athlete by supplementing our StoneAgeFuel Fitness program with your training!


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