3 Easy Ways to Get Healthy in the New Year!

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2015 is officially here and we want to help guide you to a healthier you in the New Year! Here are three ways to start eating healthy and not struggle too much to maintain it.

1) Eat more veggies! By adding veggies instead of fries or other unhealthy foods you are on the right path to kickstarting your health. Veggies are much less calorically dense than most junk foods and also contain a ton of vitamins, that make them a great choice for any diet!

2) Ditch the soda! Soda contains a lot of sugar that goes unused and eventually gets stored as fat.  In fact a typical soda contains 15-18 teaspoons of sugar and over 240 liquid calories. These calories do not have the same effect as solid food and leave you hungry much sooner than a typical meal would.

3) Start exercising! Find something you enjoy doing and stick with it. You will meet new people who can push you to stick with it, have a little fun in the process and you just might enjoy it enough to make it a habit. This can be anything from walking, running, yoga, CrossFit, Weightlifting, spinning etc. You can even start by doing at home workouts until you feel you are ready to venture out into the wild. Here is a fun at home workout you can do:

Perform a simple Air Squat for :20 sec followed by a :10 sec rest, do this 8x for a total of 4min. We promise its a great workout!

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