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1) We are going to get you fit first. We are going to teach you the fundamentals of movement, fitness and nutrition. This takes about 2 months to get right (we have a set of benchmarks and a fitness rating tool to guide you to this place).

2) We have rehab / Pre-hab specialists to find the areas that have potential and or real injury / weakness and can work to heal them. This is an ongoing lifelong process.

3) We have ongoing Personal training where you see your coach (weekly, monthly) to assess weaknesses, work on new/ improving skills and daily group fitness (GPP) classes (3 times per week is optimum) where you can play a game with the community and your friends

4) Go get out in nature: Do some kind of outdoor activity at least once a week for a few hours. Get some sunshine and wind on your soul. Try out your fitness in the real world with a new adventure now and again.

5) Learn and play a new sport: We have all kinds of speciality programs to help you prepare for a new sport. Want to run a marathon? we have a 12 week course that will prepare you. Want to lift 500lbs at least once in your life…..we got ya.

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